Please Contact Randy Voepel

We’re Focusing on Assemblyman Randy Voepel as a legislative sponsor

Assemblyman Randy Voepel

But we hit a snag

Admittedly not just any legislator is suited to introduce a ferret legalization bill. We know to aim for the unconventional, someone who can take a few ferret jokes.

The majority of legislators in are practical, stand for non-controversial subjects; help veterans, schools, clean environment.

We hope that Assemblyman Randy Voepel is an advocate of sensible government and a friend to the little guy.

We were referred to him from a string of other legislative aids and he has a good reputation as someone who will get things done and will occasionally ruffle feathers.

An official request went out to his legislative director and all looked promising, until…

A little bird told us he doesn’t like ferrets. Something about they ate his chickens in the back country.

Google “ferret vs chicken” and this is what you’ll get.

Randy – these our housepets, legal in 48 states. When is the last time you heard of a ferret attack on a chicken? or anything??

Ok, this is second hand – but still alarming from the legislator we pinned our hopes on.

So please – right away – send a letter to Assemblyman Voepel. Ferrets are not a concern to the poultry industry. Ask him to do a little research. And tell him we need a champion on our side.

Please contact Assemblyman Voepel and ask him to help us to legalize ferrets. Do it for the little guy!

Assemblyman Randy Voepel, 8760 Cuyamaca Street, Suite 201, Santee, CA 92071 | 619-258-7737