How to Help

We’ve created this list of things everyone can do to help Legalize Ferrets in California.

Sign the Petition!

We are petitioning the California Waterfowl Association to drop their opposition to ferret legalization for Californians.
At every opportunity the California Waterfowl Association sends their representative to any Fish and Game Commission where ferrets are on the agenda to present their arguments that ferrets could pose a threat to ground nesting birds or other wildlife.  Never is any documentation or studies presented. The California Waterfowl Association has on it's Board two past high ranking officials with the California Fish and Game Commission.  These individuals carry a lot of clout on the Commission.  It's time for them to change their tune on ferrets.

Join the 3000 Club

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We started the 3,000 Club to see if 3,000 people would be interested in collecting signatures for a ballot initiative.  It didn’t go well.

In 2015 and out of options we tried it anyway.  We only collected about 10,000 signatures out of our goal of 94,000 – but a lot more people got involved.

Since then we’ve really built our base of supporters and learned a lot about petition drives in California.  Specifically, we know first hand that no all volunteer effort has ever been successful.

But we also learned that professional petitioners used our petition to lure people in to sign other paid petitions.  The fact is – a lot people want ferrets legal.  We learned that most people are familiar with ferrets and support legalization.

So if we have to do this again – we will piggy back our petition with other paid petitions and hopefully be successful.  But that is a lot of work and expense, let’s try to get the Fish and Game Commission to change their position and get a little legislative help first!


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Every Sunday we publish CLIFFNotes, our email newsletter about what is happening in our efforts to legalize ferrets in California.

Every Friday we publish $5 Ferret Friday where we pass the hat to raise money for ferret legalization. It is this effort that has given us the ability to grow and really push ferret legalization as a professional organization.

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