Call Assemblyman Phillip Chen

Assemblyman Phillip Chen

Assemblyman Phillip Chen

We haven’t heard back – Please Call

Here is the email I sent her

Please call either office and ask them to return our call.

Simply say:

I know has called and emailed your Legislative Director asking for help on this issue, but as  of yet have not heard back. Would you please return their call so we can discuss the issue.

If they ask for our phone number it is 619-303-0645
Our email is

CAPITOL OFFICE:  | 916-319-2055
DISTRICT OFFICE: (Brea, – Orange County) | 714-529-5502

Report your experience below


  1. Pat Wright

    Called the Sacramento office and left a message on their voice mail. Let’s see if they call me back.

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: 01-10-2018
    • Spoke to: voice mail
  2. Julie M

    I called the Orange county office, their voice changed when I told them what city I was calling from, which was not in their district.

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: 1-10-2018
    • Spoke to: Lady who answered the phone... did not identify herself.
  3. Kathy Grabowski

    I just called the Capitol Office number. I don’t live in California but they didn’t ask where I was calling from. Call 1/10/18. The man who answered said they were getting ready to return your call. He said unfortunately their books are full for this year for this issue, but that it would be considered for “other years”.

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: January 10, 2018
    • Spoke to: Not sure
  4. Mary S

    Spoke to Matt in Capital office and he agreed to call Pat

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: 1/10/18
    • Spoke to: Matt
  5. Janet S

    I called 916 area code, spoke to Matthew who said he tried you twice and will try you again at 2:40, this being January 10, 2018

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: 2/10/18
    • Spoke to: Mathew @ 916
  6. T-bird

    Person who answered said they called Pat earlier today. Don’t know what they said to you, but I was told that they already called you.

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: 1/11/18
    • Spoke to: ?
  7. Mike

    Same as above already spoke to Pat

    How did your call go

    • Date of call: 1/12/2018
    • Spoke to: clerk

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