2018 Legislator Search

We need a state legislator to introduce our ferret legalization bill in 2018. We are focusing on one legislator each week. Below is who we have asked and the response.

Here is some information we send along:

Who We Asked

Why We Asked


Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo

Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo

Assemblywoman Carillo is newly elected in a special election. She has a very inspiring story. We are hoping she’ll help another group of under dogs, er, under ferrets!

Capitol Office: Tel: (916) 319-2051
District Office: Los Angeles Tel: (213) 483-5151

She represents the 51st District

Assemblyman Phillip Chen

Assemblyman Phillip Chen

Finally Told Us “No” but I don’t think they even opened the email request.

Assemblyman Chen hasn’t been asked before, as far as we know has no history with this issue. Let’s all ask him and hope for the best!

They were transparently dishonest. People kept reporting that they had tried to call me, but my phone never rang. Then they said their legislative package is full. My email program shows the email request to them never opened. I smell baloney at this office.

CAPITOL OFFICE: State Capitol, Suite #4177, Sacramento, CA 94249 | 916-319-2055

DISTRICT OFFICE: 3 Pointe Drive, Suite #313, Brea, CA 92821 | 714-529-5502

Assemblyman Rocky Chavez

Assemblyman Rocky Chavez

Assemblyman Chavez is kind of a maverick, represents Encinitas. We hope he’ll give us some consideration.

Update – January 9th, 2018. After our Action Alert email went out we got a call from Michael Hadland, his chief of staff. The next day three ferret supporters met with Michael and had a very productive meeting. We hope they take our request seriously. Thank you everyone who helped with this effort. Stay tuned, it just might be successful. Feel free to contact Assemblyman Chavez’s office and voice your support.

Assemblyman Chris Holden

Assemblyman Chris Holden

Assemblyman Chris Holden’s office was genuinely nice and relaxed when we visited their office years ago. He must be a nice guy! Maybe a nice guy will help the little guy!

Hew has offices in Pasadena and Claremont. There are lots of ferrets in those areas.

Please send an email to Naima Ford, his legislative director at naima.ford@asm.ca.gov

Update – I left Naima a voice mail on 12/13/2017.

Update – they are telling people they are not considering ferret legalization in a manner that makes it sound like they’ve never been asked. The problem is they have never returned repeated calls and emails from us. 12-17-17

Assemblywoman Shirley Weber

Assemblywoman Shirley Weber

Completely ignored us. We tried multiple times. How disappointing.

Assemblywoman Shirley Weber represents the city of La Mesa where we have a proclamation from the Mayor and City Council asking the legislature to introduce a ferret legalization bill. Also, Assemblywoman Weber’s office, at least in San Diego has been responsive in the past and she is regarded as being very well informed on the issues she deals with. Did that come out right? Her fellow Legislators like and respect her.

This has been frustrating. No response. Her legislative director didn’t even open the email. We are asking our supporters to call Shirley Weber’s office:

Sacramento – (916) 319-2079
San Diego – Tel: (619) 531-7913

12-13-17 update, I called their Sacramento office and asked for their legislative director, Crystal Quezada and was told she isn’t in  yet. I left another message.

12-17-17 – left multiple messages for Crystal Quezada and never heard back. And I’m a constituent!

Assemblywoman Catherine Baker

Assemblywoman Catherine Baker

We have been totally ignored here – like we don’t even matter at all.

Assemblywoman Baker is known to be a moderate Republican in the 16th Assembly district, a region with a lot of ferret owners!

Our phone calls to her office and our email to her legislative director Leticia Garcia have not been returned.  When I called their Sacramento office I was told Leticia was in a meeting. The email, click here to view it, as of November 18th, hasn’t even been opened.

CAPITOL OFFICE: State Capitol, Suite 2130, Sacramento, CA 94249 | 916-319-2016
DISTRICT OFFICE: 2440 Camino Ramon, Suite 345, San Ramon, CA 94583 | 925-328-1515

Senator Andy Vidak

Senator Andy Vidak

Senator Vidak’s office said “No”

Senator Vidak is on the Senate’s Natural Resources Committee, the Committee which over sees the California Fish and Game Commission.

We asked if we could talk to them but we didn’t even get that far.

To the right is their rejection.

Thank you for sending along your legislative suggestion and background information. We receive hundreds of legislative ideas every year and evaluate each and every one of them, keeping in mind that every measure introduced is estimated to cost taxpayers over $10,000 to draft, analyze, and move to its first committee.

After reviewing your proposal, along with the history of introductions and vetoes of similar bills and your recent ballot proposition attempt, our office has decided we will not be introducing this measure next year.

We appreciate your hard work and dedication, and wish you the best of luck as you continue to pursue a bill author.

Thank you again.

Lyndsay Mitchell
Legislative Director
Senator Andy Vidak
State Capitol, Rm 3082
(916) 651-4014 office

Assemblyman Ridley Thomas

Assemblyman Ridley Thomas

Once again Angel City Ferret Club founder Megan M opened the doors with a constituent visit.

Comments made from her meeting were encouraging, in part;  “if a bill made it to the floor it would pass.” But we have to get someone to sponsor it which will be hard because things like kids, immigrants, education, health take first priority.”

This is a very real comment that we usually don’t get unless they are serious.

We have agreed to meet with his office again after November 4th.

I spoke to their District Manager Steve Kang at length. He is one of the nicest people imaginable.  My feeling is he is struggling to find a way to help us but they need a show of support from organizations. We talked about HSUS, the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Veterinary Medical Assoc, all organizations that have declined our requests.

I am expecting a proclamation from the city of Encinitas, because I am so darn persuasive and will recontact him after we have that.

Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi

Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi

Assemblyman Muratsuchi has ignored our request

The Angel City Ferret Club met with Assemblyman Muratsuchi at one of his town halls and reported back that he seemed like a possibility.

District Office:
3424 W. Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 375-0691
(310) 375-8245 fax

We have emailed his Legislative Director, Brian Duke for help in introducing this legislation.

Email went out on October 21st.

We know he opened email but have not heard anything back. I called him and left a message on 10/25/17

Your message

To: Duke, Brian
Subject: Ferret Legalization Legislation Request
Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2017 1:10:33 PM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)  was read on Sunday, October 22, 2017 6:28:35 PM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

No response from their office as of 11/03/2017

Assemblyman Todd Gloria

Assemblyman Todd Gloria is a nice guy and has some nice people on his staff. I left a voice mail for his Legislative Director in the general phone mail box on October 13th and then sent an email and haven’t heard back.

Sonja Palladino, Legislative Director

Update 10/25/17 I spoke to their scheduler and we are hoping for a meeting with Assemblyman Gloria or a staffer.

Yeah! We are trying to set up a meeting with one of their staff! They return emails and phone calls in this office!

Still a long way to go!


Assemblyman Marc Steinorth

Safe to say Assemblyman Steinorth is ignoring ferret owners in California.

This email went out to his Legislative Directors:


As of Oct 15th we have not heard back.

We believe Assemblyman Marc Steinorth is an animal lover. He had joked at a local town hall that Republican operatives told him to avoid the “ferret people.”  We hoped that was a joke.

I must say I am disappointed in the number of our supporters who told me they emailed his office.

Our request hasn’t even been acknowledged, we’ll send it again.

Request resent on October 15, we know they received it, but still no response.

Update, 10/25/17 – left a phone message for Brandon.

Update, 10/29/17 – still no response.

Assemblyman Randy Voepel

Assemblyman Randy Voepel


Told us “No”

Assemblyman Voepel is thought to be one of the few idealists in the state assembly and we were hoping his belief in limited government and personal liberty would bring him over. However, we have heard he actually believes ferrets kills chickens or some other mis conception.


I hope you are doing well. After review, internal discussions, and gathering the pertinent information, our office will not be carrying your proposed legislation.


Lily Movsisyan

Legislative Director | CA Assembly Member Randy Voepel, AD -71

California State Capitol, Room 4009

Direct Line: 916.319.2471| Fax 916.319.2171| E-mail:lily.movsisyan@asm.ca.gov