2018 Legalize Ferrets Calendar

The 2018 LegalizeFerrets.org Calendar is Here!

2018 Legalize Ferrets Calendar

2018 Legalize Ferrets Calendar


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Our annual calendar is a product of ferret lovers from all over the world coming together to show their ferrets and our love for ferrets and raise funds and awareness of the ferret issue in California.

This year we kept it simple. The theme is just ferrets themselves. We hope you enjoy the calendar and your ferrets through out the year.

Thank you for supporting us!

Please Note – We do ship to countries outside the USA. 15% should be added by PayPal for the extra shipping cost. At least that is how it is supposed to work.

We are big in Hungary!

1 Calendar for $12

2 Calendars for $20

3 Calendars  for $28

4  Calendar for $36

5  Calendars for $44

6  Calendars  for $52

7  Calendar for $60

8  Calendars for $68

9  Calendars  for $76

10  Calendars  for $84