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Still Time to Send Your Photos for 2018 Calendar!

We are accepting photo submissions for the 2018 calendar until June 30th.  Here are the instructions:

  • Send only your best quality photos.
  • Photos must be in focus.
  • Limit submissions to 3 per ferret (not per owner).
  • Rename generic file names with the ferret’s name(s): for example: “fuzzy.jpg” or “fuzzy-bandit-simon.jpg”.
  • Email photos to

Asking La Mesa, CA to be the Very First Ferret Sanctuary City

On Thursday (June 8th, 2017) I dropped off five large envelopes addressed to each member of the La Mesa city council. Here is the cover letter.

Since the Fish and Game President admits that they all know ferrets are domestic animals but they can’t move forward with de-listing them from the prohibited species list – this is a great way to get the discussion going.

And if we can actually get people to discuss ferrets we’ve already won. Each time it moves the argument further.

It’s only been a couple of days and no response. My neighbor is on the city council, I’ve called him and emailed him last week and haven’t heard anything. But let me give this another week and if we don’t hear anything I’ll ask for a little help from our members to generate some enthusiasm for this effort.

Here’s the Scoop on Fish and Game

May 3rd, 2017

I had a phone conversation with Eric Sklar, the President of the Fish and Game Commission.

He explained that their hands are tied on ferrets because it would require a full-blown EIR.  He said (and I think he meant this unofficially) that we would have to pay $200,000 but when all finished it would be $600,000.

And afterwards the Commission would be sued by environmental groups opposing it. (Is he calling the California Waterfowl Assoc an Environmental group).

He said that is a position that neither they nor us wish to be in.

Our best option he said is to find a legislator. I explained the past futility of our efforts.

But if the Fish and Game Commission gives us a nudge, I’m going to predict success.

I asked him to write a letter explaining to legislators that this is the only way forward.  He seems like he wants to do this and will check with his staff.

I will contact him in one week seeing if we get this favor.

Keep in mind, in past legislative efforts Fish and Game opposed us.  This time around we would expect some support on their end.

I appreciate Mr. Sklar’s time and opinion, not to mention his willingness to work with us.

Ferret Owners Made an Impression at the Fish and Game Commission Meeting

The California Fish and Game Commission held their bi-monthly meeting April 26-27 in Van Nuys and our petition requesting they actually issue permits for ferrets (as they can by law) was item #17 on April 26th.

We did a lot of preparation for this.  An open letter to the Commissioners was published. Letters of support was sought from all members of the Legislature’s Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.  Ads were run on Facebook and Bing.  We made signs and encouraged as many people to come as possible.

A few days prior to the meeting, Fish and Game wildlife research staff published their recommendations:

Short Description Staff Recommendations
Requests FGC issue permits for ferrets under certain circumstances. Deny: FGC has previously indicated that it will not authorize wild animals to be possessed as pets.

It takes a lot of something to call our ferrets “wild animals” and personally I found that line to be very offensive.

So we put out the word, email or call the Fish and Game Commission and let them know you’re not happy. And apparently, many people did.

About 20 ferret lovers came to the meeting, but since we didn’t know when our issue would be heard it was an all-day affair some people had to leave.

And we listened to a lot of testimony on bull frogs as invasive species and gps for hunting dogs.  And finally, at about 3 in the afternoon they got to our issue.

President Sklar limited our comments to 1 minute per person which I thought terribly unfair. Yes, we’d heard a lot of people testify, many not making that much sense on other issues.

13 people signed up to testify. Many of the people who testified on other issues testified on our behalf. Only Bill Gaines from the California Waterfowl Association testified against ferrets. He waited outside the room and then came in last minute to say how ferrets were introduced into New Zealand and how much damage they did.

Then they went on to other petitions.  And adjourned.  What is going on?

I was there and I didn’t see it . But apparently they lumped all the petitions together and voted them all down.

But people aren’t laughing at us. They’re laughing at the Fish and Game Commission for insisting ferrets are wild animals. Despite all the facts to the contrary, everyone, including people at the Fish and Game Commission understand these are domestic animals.

Big Surprise at the End

Fish and Game President Erik Sklar called me on Friday afternoon to schedule a talk. I have his permission to say that much. But I don’t think he would call me if there weren’t major cracks in ferret ban.

I’m back to thinking what a big party we’ll have once this is over!

Some of our supporters at the April 26th Fish and Game meeting.

Some of our supporters at the April 26th Fish and Game meeting.