April 2nd is National Ferret Day

Happy National Ferret Day

National Ferret Day

National Ferret Day

For those of us in California, where ferrets continue to be illegal, please use this day keep working for ferret legalization.

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Asking Members of Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee to Support our Ferret Petition

We are asking members of the Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee for a letter of support for our petition currently in front of the Fish and Game Commission.  We are simply asking the Fish and Game Commission to reissue permits for ferrets as they did prior to 1985 for neutered male ferrets.

Legislator Staff Person Date First Contacted Response Twitter Link
Assemblywoman Laura Friedman Seamus Garrity Feb 13th No Response
Left another message March 10th
Assemblyman Todd Gloria Stephen Hill Feb 13th Promised a letter of support Thank you Assemblyman Todd Gloria!
Assemblyman Jim Wood Emily Towner Feb 14 No Response
Left another message on March 10th
Can’t find him on Twitter, pls call Tel: (916) 319-2002
Assemblyman Tony Thurmond Mary Nicely Feb 14th Said she’d pass the info on .  Left her another voice mail on March 10th. https://twitter.com/TonyThurmond
Assemblyman Rudy Salas Celia Mata Feb 14th No Response. I called again on 3/17, told Assemblyman Salas out of office but she’ll ask.  Response received, “I don’t think my boss will sign on, but I will ask.” https://twitter.com/rudysalasjr
Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio Joaquin Pacheco Feb 15th No Response.  Called and sent another email on 3/17. https://twitter.com/Blanca_E_Rubio
Assemblyman Devon Mathis Justin Boman Feb 15th No Response. Called again on 3/17 https://twitter.com/AD26Mathis
Assemblyman Matthew Harper Madeleine Cooper Feb 16th No Response.  Spoke to Madeleine on 3/17 -she hopes to get back to me today. https://twitter.com/AsmHarper
Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez Freddie Quintan Feb 16th No Response.  Left a message again on 3/17 https://twitter.com/JimmyGomezCA
Assemblyman Kansen Chu Eric Turner Feb 16th No Response.  Left another message on 3/17/ https://twitter.com/KansenChu
Assemblyman Steven Choi Vance Jarrad Feb 16th No Response.  Had a nice conversation, hope for the best on 3/17. https://twitter.com/irvinespeaker
Assemblyman Frank Bigelow Katie Masingale Feb 17th No Response.  Left another message on 3/17 https://twitter.com/FrankBigelowCA
Assemblyman James Gallagher Katja Townsend Feb 16th No Response.  Left another message on 3/17. https://twitter.com/J_GallagherAD3
Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia Carlos Gonzalez Feb 16th No Response.  Out of the office, left another message on 3/17. https://twitter.com/voteforgarcia

Quick – Sign our Petition!

We’re Petitioning the California Waterfowl Association to Change their Position on Ferrets

About Our Efforts

California remains one of only two states to continue to ban domestic ferrets as pets.  The other state is Hawaii.

We’ve been working on this issue a long time.  We have made some progress; our mailing list is approaching 10,000 and the new Fish and Game Commission has finally dealt with the issue.  They didn’t give us the result we asked for but it was the first time we were treated with courtesy and taken seriously in a long time.

We are continuing the effort.  I feel optimistic that if our numbers increase so do our chances.

What can you do to help?

Donate – Join the 3000 Club and make and pitch in five dollars on one of our Five Dollar Ferret Fridays.

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Thank you for your support.  We only lose if we give up and we’re not giving up.  And they know that.